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About Us

Techisor, is a globally recognized technology firm offering end to end digital solutions for all clients at the best possible value. A team of 30+ members comprises of digital marketers, developers, graphic designers, project managers etc. Our core expertise lays in website development, Digital Marketing services, Corporate Branding, and Mobile application development for a variety of sectors like Finance & Banking, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Logistics, Travel & Tourism, Transportation and more

Our VisionMarketing & Security


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Our CompanyValues

To support company’s vision and mission so that the company progresses, the company’s people implement the company’s values.

To support company’s vision and mission so that the company progresses, the company’s people implement the company’s values.

Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do
Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality value and service
Self Growth
Respect our social and physical environment around the world.
Over Deliver
Earn the admiration of all those associated with Techisor worldwide.

Professionalism at it bestTechisor Story

Techisor originated its voyage with only three members on the board, extracting all the experiences from several domains. However, we have extended to more than 30 members in a shorter time window. With more than 100 clients in India, we aim to expand our services worldwide. Bangalore may be our operating center, but we collaborate and work with you virtually anywhere you want. 

What makes us more efficient is collaborative working with different teams. We have graphic, software, app, and website designers working together to offer you a complete solution. We are mainstream services providers for website designing and development, software development, branding, digital marketing, and app development. 

Techisor is a well-established development in all niches like finance, banking, real estate, education, eCommerce, manufacturing, tourism, travel, transport, health care, and many others. We create an innovative solution that aligns with all industry demands.

Digital Marketing
Website Development
Mobile Application
Techisor Service

We provide the best economical and technology based solution to our clients which helps them scale up their Enterprise business and generate high revenue. Our team of professionals work with complete synchronization along with the clients as per the industry standards after taking into consideration the competitor analysis and conducting detailed market research.

Our Enthusiastic Challenging TeamMeet our Team

We started with a team of 3-4 members pooling all of their experience and expertise from different domains.