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Social Media Marketing

Work such that it becomes an Identity, make your presence known to the world.

We at Techisor provides you a complete analysed social media marketing solution

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Ads

Social media to create a new wave in Socialistic policies?

Social Media Marketing Ads
  • Over 7.6 billion of the worlds, i.e around 58% of the world population is using social media currently which is increasing day by day & India is the second-largest of it with 400 million users, that we can’t afford losing it.
  • In Techisor we provide complete social media marketing, organic and inorganic plans and strategy to generate leads, traffic on website, brand awareness and direct sales of our product.
  • We run social media marketing ads in Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, Quora ads, Instagram ads to meet your requirements.

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We understand your pain point @ Different stages of growing in competative market


As part of the process, we start with providing you a complete analysed social media marketing solution for your brand or business


As part of the process, we start with preliminary consultation, mapping, and piecing up the objectives keeping the prospect in mind


From the customer's point of view, we try to understand your brand so that you can leave your brand mark to your targeted audience.


From the customer's point of view, we try to understand the purpose, intent and goal to meet your business requirements.


By analyzing your industry vertical and targeted audience, helps us to build the foundation for your social media campain to reach your target audiance.


By analyzing your industry vertical and targeted audience, helps us to build the foundation for your website to achieve website idea to deploy process.


We support launching a product or service and generating brand-awareness, to bringing quality leads or increasing your brand followers or likes.


We provide both END-TO-END web development support with solution and  E-commerce platform integrated with a payment gateway. 

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Start planning business and static growth in social media with techisor

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Frequently Asked Question

These Facebook tools allow you to see your pages, ad accounts and performance metrics all in one place. A Facebook Business Manager account is great if you manage many Facebook pages, similar to an advertising agency. It’s also useful for large corporations that have separate Facebook pages for each branch, location or unit within their organization. If you’re placing and managing ads for one single account, Ads Manager is sufficient. Power Editor is a more advanced version of Ads Manager with the capability to make bulk changes to multiple campaigns and ad sets.

Like most other things on social media, it depends on the platform you’re using. Let’s break it down:

Can Delete Comments:
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- YouTube
- LinkedIn

Cannot Delete Comments:
- Facebook
- Twitter

When your social media properties are managed appropriately, you see growth through targeted boosts or ads, carefully crafted copy, highly shareable resources, captivating imagery and platform-specific best practices. We believe in the value of gaining quality followers and qualified traffic, meaning your new followers should be members of your target audience – not just all breathing humans. So avoid buying followers or using other questionable tactics, as it’s unlikely to help your business. When a social media account has vibrant and regularly posted content, backed with some professional strategies for promotion, quality followers grow naturally.

Social media is now an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Many brands use social media for top-of-funnel marketing and then utilize paid advertising on social media to drive middle-of-funnel or bottom-of-funnel efforts. It has heavily influenced design and video strategies, as users today expect to get information very quickly. For example, videos that can be understood while muted are popular now, as people want to consume that content while in public. 

Many businesses fail to curate content specifically for each platform. While cross-posting on Facebook and Instagram may be convenient, we recommend at the very least optimizing your posts’ descriptions for each platform.

Another common issue we see is improper use of hashtags on each platform. By making sure your content is optimized for specific platforms, you align with user expectations. This makes your brand appear proficient in social media, which is a form of social proof.

In addition to the scheduling tools listed above, our team uses Google Docs to collaboratively write and edit social posts. We also use Adobe Spark and Photoshop to create and size images.